Friday, February 7th

Born of the Gods Image

“Born of the Gods” Launch Schedule

FNM as usual

$5 Buy-in
Born of the Gods for Prize Support

Tromokatis Foil Promo available to all!

Saturday, February 8th

Sanctioned Born of the Gods Launch

2PM Start Time

$25 Buy-in
Sealed Deck Format
First prize: a Born of the Gods Fat Pack

Also, more Tromokratis Foils!

We have just 12 seats for this event, so first come, first served!

Article that appeared in CM Life

HeroClix: Become the hero, one clix at a time

DaytonaNiles_herosJan26289_web Forged in the belly of the comic world by the company WizKids, HeroClix offers game and comic enthusiasts an arena to showcase their skills when handed the reigns to some of the most legendary and powerful comic book heroes of all time. Debuting in the gaming community in 2002, HeroClix pits wits against power as miniatures ranging from the Marvel universe all the way to the “Lord of the Rings,” duke it out through their human counterparts. Michael Travis-Shuler, owner and operator of Mount Pleasant’s Hall Of Heroes lends valuable insight explaining what HeroClix is. “HeroClix is a combat game involving super heroes, but WizKids has also branched out into other properties that they have licenses for, like ‘BioShock,’ ‘Halo,’ ‘Gears of War,’ ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Star Trek,’” Travis-Shuler said. The miniatures battle each other and keep track of player points, damage, range, experience, speed, attack value and defense value, all on a movable dial on the bottom of each figurine. This dial gives a clicking sound whenever moved to adjust for results, hence the “clix” in HeroClix. These battles take place on maps that typically represent a location found in the comic book world.  The game is accommodating to a near infinite number of players, but as long as there are two, the game can be played. The players take turns rolling two, six-sided dice in order to determine their attacks. Apart from a wealth of gaming knowledge, Travis-Schuler is both a willing combat participant and advocate for HeroClix, and is always happy to help out a newcomer. “Every Saturday, when we do free play, it’s set up so that we will build you a team with store stock,” Travis-Shuler said. ”You will play one of our regulars and, if you enjoy that game, we will give you that team and a map.” To continue reading this article, please click here. Watch an interview with Michael Travis-Shuler about HeroClix

Click the image to watch an interview with the owner of Hall of Heroes, Michael and Jake Schmittler from CM Life.

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